Pump-Action Shotguns

The first pump action shotgun for long-range shooting, the Benelli Supernova. Pump-Action Shotguns for sale

The Benelli Supernova is a pump-action shotgun with a recoil reduction mechanism that allows you to shoot more accurately and hit targets 300 yards away. Both novice and expert shooters can benefit from this Pump-Action Shotgun’s lightweight construction and simple operation.

This first-pump action shotgun is inexpensive and straightforward, so you can join in on the fun without going over budget or exerting a lot of effort.

So why are you still waiting? Purchase one of these bad guys right away!


How to load a pump action shotgun

Using a pump action shotgun is simple:

1. Remove any existing shells from the receiver (the area where you put the shells).

2. With the shell’s tip pointed toward the cannon’s barrel, place each shell into its corresponding slot in the loading area.

3. Lock the pump handle over your first shell by closing the receiver and pulling back on it. Then, release it so that it slides forward again with each subsequent pull on the pump handle. Continue doing this until your rounds get loaded into the magazine tube and the gun is ready to fire.