A pistol is a handgun with a ready-to-fire round in the chamber that is a part of the gun barrel. When you pull the trigger, the hammer at the pistol’s rear smashes a firing pin, which then strikes the primer at the cartridge’s base. This sets off each of the explosive components in the cartridge or shell, causing the bullet to be propelled in the direction of its intended target.

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A pistol is a handgun with the chamber built right into the gun barrel in the realm of guns and firearms. It can also refer to any pistol designed to be carried conveniently.

A pistol is a handgun whose barrel and chamber are one unit. Although other handguns are occasionally referred to as “pistols,” this term typically only applies to those that can be tucked away, not to all handguns. A revolver, on the other hand, requires reloading from a compartment or cylinder since its chamber(s) have sunken rims.