5 Types of Guns to Use When Hunting


5 Types of Guns to Use When Hunting

The 5 Types of Guns to Bring on Your Next Hunting Trip

Do you want to get into hunting? Or hunt something other than your usual fare? Whether you are shifting from deer to turkey to ducks, there are different types of guns for different types of hunts. Whether it is a Beretta A300 Outlander for fast-moving waterfowl or a tack-driving bolt action rifle when you need to make a long shot across hills for deer, here are some of the common types of hunting firearms and examples of what they are used for. Best hunting rifles for sale

Hunting rifles

Best hunting rifles for sale

Bolt-Action Rifle for Higher Calibers

Bolt-action rifles may not fire quickly, but they make up for it in the ability to chamber higher calibers.  Rifles are excellent for setting up a shot and being accurate in that shot. Bolt-action rifles are good for larger targets, such as deer or boar. They are accurate enough that, if taken into the backcountry and you have to shoot from one hill to another to get a deer, you are likely to be able to make the shot, depending on your skill.

Semi-Automatic Rifle for Fast Follow-Ups

If you would rather have faster follow-ups, go with a semi-automatic rifle. While semi-automatic rifles are not able to have as large of calibers as bolt-action rifles, they can generally fire faster. If you are hunting in smaller areas, such as forests, where being able to shoot long distances is not a factor, you may want something like the Ruger Mini 30. They can be smaller, lighter, and easier to move around the backcountry with.

Savage A17 Semi-Automatic .17 HMR Semi Auto Rifle UPC 11356470010
Savage A17 Semi-Automatic .17 HMR Semi Auto Rifle

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Pump-Action Shotgun for Ground Animals

The classic pump-action shotgun is good for smaller animals, such as turkeys. Pump-action shotguns require more work to use and are not quite as fast as a semi-automatic shotgun but are also not as expensive. You can use a semi-automatic shotgun for hunting turkey, but this may not be worth the money. You will want to have the right choke for your shotgun, depending on what you are hunting.

5 Types of Guns to Use When Hunting. Winchester SXP Pump Action Shotgun UPC 48702001598Winchester SXP Pump Action Shotgun
shot show

Semi-Automatic Shotgun for Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl, such as ducks, are much faster than the average turkey. When flying across your field of view, you will want to be able to take multiple shots quickly since the follow-up shot can be vital for getting a duck. A Beretta A400 will likely be better suited for wading into the wetlands and netting ducks than a Remington 870.

Beretta A400 Xplor Action Blue Semi Auto Shotgun UPC 82442707686
Beretta A400 Xplor Action Semi Auto Shotgun


Muzzleloaders are for hunters looking for a challenge. You will likely have a single shot to take down your quarry, but you can have a very large caliber chambered. They require accuracy and a commitment to hunting because they take time to load. However, some areas of the country will let you start the hunting season early if you are using a muzzleloader. Try a muzzleloader if you are a hunter looking for something out of the ordinary.

shot show

Remington-Model 700 Muzzleloader

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